Reading at Sandside


Reading at Sandside Lodge is very much tailored to the individual.

We work together to identify the most appropriate strategies and support for each student, using specialist teachers, programmers and other professionals to develop each student to their full potential.

We have a range of specialist interventions to suit the needs of all our students from phonics to using AAC devices and everything in between.

We appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all and a mix and match approach is often what works best for our students.


If you would like more information about what we offer, please download the reading strategies document, where you can find what each intervention is all about and where you can access resources to further support reading at home.

RWI Parent Guides

RWI at home book 1

RWI at home book 2

Fred Games

Reading with your child

Speed Sound Phrases

Simple speed sound chart
Complex speed sound chart

Speed Sound Set e-Books

Set 1 Speed Sound Book

Set 2 & 3 Speed Sound Book

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