Conishead Class

In Conishead class we have lots of fun learning through play. We ensure our youngest students in school are supported to become confident learners who thrive from the beginning of their journey in school. 

 We follow an Early Years Foundation model of continuous provision within our half termly theme and to the interests of each student. This provision allows indoor and outdoor learning which is personalized to the individual level and sensory needs of our students.

Continuous provision runs alongside a more formalized and structured timetable of lessons, ensuring our students have the opportunity to access a range of adult and child led activities as appropriate to their need within each subject area. This enables suitable personalization and challenge through adaptive learning.

All of our students access a range of specialized programmes throughout their day to further enhance their holistic learning and development. This includes the Move programme, Rebound therapy, Aquatic therapy, music therapy, Attention Autism , regulation and horse riding.

This chosen method of curriculum delivery allows students to access learning at the most suitable and individual level for them with a team of highly skilled staff who are able to continuously assess their development alongside the appropriate assessment tool. This may be the Early Years Development Journal or Wilson PSteps. Each child is individually assessed as they join our school and class and the most appropriate programme is chosen to ensure suitable progression and challenge over time.

All staff in Conishead are highly skilled and make special and trusting relationships to ensure all our students feel safe and supported to have fun and learn at their own pace.

Go team Conishead!
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Class Teacher

Timetable Summer Term 2023

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