We have lots of policies in school, if you can’t find one or would like a printed copy of any policies please contact the school to arrange this.

 Policies reflect what we do in school and how we do it. We update these on a regular basis and make any changes that are needed.

All our policies are shared with the staff and Governing Body to agree. 

Student Centred Policies

 Behaviour Policy (Feb 2023)
 Careers Policy (April 2023)
RHSE Policy (Apr 2021)
Safeguarding Addendum (Apr 2021)
 Charging and Remissions Policy (Apr 2021)
Touch Policy (Feb 2023)
Curriculum Policy (Feb 2023)
ECT Policy (Apr 2023)
Admissions Policy (Feb 2024)
Admissions Criteria
Rebound Policy
Aquatic Therapy Policy
Anti-bullying Students Policy (Feb 2023)
Marking and Feedback (Feb 2023)
Catch Up Funding Plan
Remote Learning Policy (Jan 2021)
Safeguarding Policy (Sep 2022)
SEND Policy and Information (Feb 2023)

Staff and Admin Policies

Whistleblowing Policy
Appraisal Policy
Absence and Wellbeing Policy
Time Off 
EYFS Policy (Sept 2021)
Freedom of Information Policy *
Health and Safety (Sept 2022)
Safer Recruitment Policy and Procedure *
Complaints Policy (June 2022)
Internal Moderation (June 2022)
Data Protection Policy
ICT Acceptable Use (Jan 2023)
Operations Risk Assessment (Aug 2021)
Premises Risk Assessment (Aug 2021)
Medical Conditions (Feb 2023)
Pool Hire Agreement 2023
Menopause Policy (Feb 2022) 
Community Cohesion Policy (June 2022)
Access to Fair Assessment (June 2022)
Cyber Response Plan (Nov 2022)
Curriculum (June 2022) 
External Course Work and Exam Assessment (June 2022)

Governor Related Policies

Crisis Management Plan (Nov 2022)
Code of Conduct (June 2022)
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