Valuing the present, preparing for the future and learning for life.

Our Vision, Ethos and Values

Sandside Lodge is a place where all students feel safe, secure and cared for. We follow the Thrive Approach and trauma informed practices to highlight gaps in emotional development which in turn supports learning and encourages new pathways in the brain.

We recognise that students need to be regulated and ready to learn, offering a wide range of well being strategies and support.

We value individuality and create an environment where our wonderful students thrive and flourish.

With our new build (2019) we are able to offer a bespoke curriculum for the students based on their individual needs.

Our Curriculum Vision

To provide students with a holistic curriculum that supports them to develop socially, physically, emotionally and academically to succeed in life as independently as possible.
Curriculum Aims
  • Successful Learners who enjoy making progress, learning and achieve
  • Confident Individuals who are able to live safe healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society
  • By belonging to a group, we feel as if we are a part of something bigger and more important than ourselves.

A Sense of Belonging

  • Belonging is that sense of being somewhere you can be confident that you will fit in and be safe in your identity: a feeling of being at home in a place
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