Careers & Enterprise

Careers and Enterprise at Sandside Lodge School

Our broad and balanced  curriculum has been designed to support the students to reach their full potential.

The subjects are built on each year and lead towards some external qualifications through Functional Skills, Duke of Edinburgh Award and ASDAN accreditations. ASDAN My Independence modules are mapped to the four ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ pathways; Friends Relationships and Community, Good Health, Independent Living and Employment. KS3, 4 & 5 are working on the ASDAN My Independence Frameworks. 

The focus on Independent Living Skills (ILS) is a key part of the curriculum and prepares students for their next exciting chapter after Sandside Lodge School. This is a golden thread throughout the curriculum. 

There is a careers curriculum for all key stages (links below), it has been designed to offer a variety of opportunities to enable students to gain skills and experience which will support them in their aspirations for the future.

Our linked Governor for careers is Basia Nowak

The assistant support to the careers lead is Naomi Harrison, who teaches within the Sixth Form provision. 

Information about local offer options post 19:

Rebecca Noble
Careers Lead


We are working alongside Inspira to deliver a rich and meaningful curriculum. Click the button below for more information on Inspira. 

Careers Curriculum

"Imagine, Believe, Achieve"

Student Stories

“When I was a pupil at Sandside Lodge School, I did my work experience in the office. I really enjoyed it and learnt lots of different tasks. I signed visitors into the visitor’s book and gave them a badge to wear, I sent emails on parent mail, I photocopied, I laminated, I made hot drinks for people, I answered phone and made phone calls.

Whilst working in the office I became more confident, it also made me think about what I was saying when I answered the phone and dealing with people at the reception. Normally I would have just answered the phone and said “hello” but now I had to think about what to say and concentrate really hard.  

After I finished my work experience, I knew I wanted to do some sort of office type work.

I saw a job advertised as a Peer Support Worker for the NHS, working for The Learning Disabilities Team. I was really excited when I was filling my application form in, which my Mum helped me with as there were some hard questions.  I had to list all of my certificates that I had achieved whilst at school.  I had always worked hard when I was at school, so I had a lot that I had to tell them about.  It also asked me who I wanted to put as a reference.  This is somebody that they can write to, to ask if you are a good person.  Rebecca Noble was my reference as she had taught me at school, she knew I was kind and helpful and that I always tried hard.

I didn’t hear anything for a long time (it probably wasn’t a long time, but it felt like it was) and then I got a letter asking me to go and meet with the people who were in charge.  I was so excited, but also a little bit nervous.  I tried to just stay calm and not get too excited or start talking about things that were not important.  They asked me lots of questions and then told me they would be in touch with me.

Two days later I was asked to go back for an interview.  This made me so happy. The night before, I couldn’t sleep because I was excited.  I had my interview and 3 people were asking me questions and they showed me around the building and I met other people who work there.  After my interview I went back to college.

Not long after I had gone back to college, I got a phone call from a lady called Kay who is in charge and she told me that I had been amazing at my interview

and that they wanted to offer me a job. I jumped up, dropped my packed lunch on the floor, ran down the corridor, realising I didn’t have my mask on, but I was just so excited.

I have had lots of forms to fill in, with the help of my mum and I have even had to have a check on me to make sure I have not been in trouble with the police.

When I start my new job on the 30th June, I am still lucky enough to carry on going to college 2 days a week, as well as going to work.” 


Leah was struggling to manage with Curriculum content, she felt she needed a very specific focus in order to achieve her aspirations. To support Leah in reaching her goals, we altered the  curriculum content ( Leah’s curriculum was changed and was bespoke to her). She was enrolled onto a NVQ Level 1 course in ‘preparing to work in education’. Leah completed this alongside a work placement at Holy Family School. 

“My name is Leah, and I am 18 years old. I have always wanted to work with children, that has been my dream. Growing up, my mum and dad fostered children, so I was always looking after them (with mum and dad of course). My mum is working at Holy Family School and at the time I was struggling, I spoke with my parents and Sandside, and the Headteacher at my Mum’s school gave me the opportunity to volunteer.  I started to volunteer in the nursery class and learned new skills that would then help me with my NVQ; such as Safeguarding and keeping children safe. I found my NVQ difficult but with the support from my teacher (Becca), Headteacher ( Donna), Teaching Assistant (Steph). Mum and Dad, I finally passed. It has been 18 months since starting at Holy Family. I have now left school with my qualification, and starting in September, I have a full time paid job as a mid day supervisor and classrooms support.  I have got this far because I asked for support and help which in the past I wouldn’t of been able to do. I recommend if someone asks do you want help, say yes because it gets you were you want to be like me. I am really proud of what I have achieved and so proud of how far I have come.”

We are very proud of Leah’s incredible achievements. 



"Thank you so much

to Sandside Lodge School for helping me

achieve this.

You were amazing

and helped me to become to person I am

today" "
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