Visual and Conceptual Tools for Promoting Social Safety

  • The SoSAFE! Programme is a visual teaching tool which enables students to develop their abilities in managing; and communicating about their relationships.
  • The program covers all degrees of interaction; from a student’s expectations of strangers, to the intricacies of an intimate relationship.
  • The teaching tools provide a consistent approach between school, home and care support.
  • SoSafe! is not delivered as a stand-alone subject it requires a sustained programme of implementation with short frequent training sessions.
  • It can help to reduce staff and carer discomfort in speaking about sexual matters.
  • The concept of stranger is defined differently as, community workers I don’t know, other people I don’t know.

Talk Touch Triangle

This chart is a visual gradation of verbal and physical behaviour and is used to show students with whom and what degree we talk to and touch other people.

Steps to relationship booklet

This tool teaches students how to move into intimate relationships in a gradual and safe manner.

My people and relationships booklet

This is a symbol and photo resource for teaching the application of concepts. This is a personal book which will include a student’s, OK and private helpers and people categories.

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