Parental Comments

Comments from Our Parents

Every child is different and the days and targets reflect their individual personalities. We like to support them so they are happy at school and make as much progress as they possibly can, in whatever area needs to be developed.

It’s lovely when parents say nice things about what we do. Here are some examples. 

My daughter is so much happier in the school setting. It is so nice to see her want to go to school now. … The future for her looks brighter and brighter each day.

Fantastic progress for my son, we are so proud of him. We feel his confidence and tolerance for noise and others are growing and it is fabulous to see him so happy and settled. Thank you to all staff that make his time at school so enjoyable.

So good to see him enjoying school, making progress in class and starting to make friends.

We have really noticed him using his communication aid more – he loves creating phrases to share with us. Thanks to all the team!

Our daughter has been well supported this year, especially trough her tricky moments. She loves coming in to school and it’s lovely to see her grow, learn and thrive in a caring environment.

His independence is going from strength to strength. … Since starting Sandside his abilities are able to shine through.

We have great communication around his needs and learning. We are very happy with all of the support he receives. Thank you to all of the staff for helping him enjoy his time in school and all of the help with communication, toileting and endless other things – we appreciate all you do.

I am very proud of the progress my daughter is making. Her confidence is growing. She has loved her Thrive sessions and likes to tell me about the topic work she has been enjoying.

We have removed individual student’s names from some of these comments.

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