Rights Respecting School Award

Rights Respecting School Award

What is it?

The UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK) works with schools in the UK to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. Our Rights Respecting Schools Award embeds these values in daily school life and gives children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens.

Why we do it?

We do RRSA because the rights of the Child are at the heart of Sandside School’s ethos and the culture to improve well-being and develop every student’s talents and abilities to their full potential is our aim.  Students and the school community learn about children’s rights by putting them into practice every day

What impact has it?


·         Feel valued, safe and cared for

·        They learn about rights, they can exercise their rights and recognise others have rights

·        They can discuss concerns and know their voices are heard and valued

·        They can develop self-esteem and value themselves

·        They can learn how to change the world for the better

Students feel safe and enjoy being at school

Adults also benefit from a rights respecting culture

These pictures show some of the ways we learn about RRSA 

This work was about the movement of refugees around the world which gave us an opportunity to discuss our concerns

Yoga helps us to develop our well-being and self-worth

This is a still from a puppet story film we made about the RRSA at Sandside Lodge         

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