Mental Health & Well-being/Resilience

What is it?

Covid-19 has had an impact on students, parents and staff
mental health throughout 2020-21 and continues to dominate the life of the schools
mental health awareness.

The school has introduced a recovery curriculum based around
Thrive principles, aimed at reducing stress and improving the transition back
to school and eventually back to our normal working curriculum. Teachers have
assessed students’ emotional development at the start of the term and will do so
at the end of the term to monitor changes in behaviour and emotional well-being.

How we do it?

We support our students’ mental health by providing a curriculum and 
environment that meets their bespoke needs. e.g. wide corridors, reduced noise environment, Rebound Therapy, Sensory
Movement and Regulation and Aquatic Therapy and Music Therapy.

We support our students’ mental health by encouraging them to
access and recognise their emotions and label them, whilst allowing them to be as independent as possible.

We support our student’s mental health by helping them build
strong relationships with staff and peers based on mutual trust and
respect. students


We support our students’ mental health by:

–  providing a multitude of individual therapies to assist with their mental health – these therapies include; Music, Yoga, Rebound, Aquatic, Lego, physio, Homunculi and Thrive. (Thrive is aimed at working with students with attachments issues).

– following individual sensory diet plans (for those that require this level of support) offering the correct regulation opportunities and regularly reviewing them as needs change.

– supporting them to communicate (we are a Total Communication Environment) to allow them to express themselves and discover their emotions and how to manage them themselves.

– providing students with experiences that we can help model and provide safe environment for them to succeed (sometimes learning through failure and acceptance) and to learn and grow.

– delivering RSHE lessons.

– providing a healthy hot school dinner. 


We support our staff mental health by:

– holding weekly, all staff meetings which can involve question and answer sessions with the Head Teacher.

– having a fantastic class team communication and feedback ethos.

– holding weekly Tai Chi Release sessions every Tuesday after school, 3.15 – 4pm.

– Offering the aqua therapy pool to staff for well being and relaxation sessions after school.

– having an open door policy for all staff to speak with members of the SLT when required.

– Having access to Nuffield Health services, resources and facilities.


Having fun, making friends, working hard and being resilient


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