Sixth Form

Welcome to Sixth Form

The Sixth Form provision is made up of 2 classes; Birkrigg & Fellfoot Class. We work closely together to achieve and develop the students independent skills. Students spend up to 3 years in Sixth Form, in which time develop their knowledge and understanding of the next steps and future opportunities. Students work of a 3 year rolling programme where they have the opportunity to achieve a range of ASDAN programmes. 


Students work through a range of ASDAN workbooks to develop their life skills in preparation for their future lives. ASDAN Towards Independence courses which are covered throughout the 3 year rolling programme are: 

  • Coping with people 
  • Preparation for college 
  • Meal Preparation – Introduction 
  • Meal Preparation – Progression 
  • Independent Living Skills -Introduction 
  • Independent Living Skills – Progression 

In English, students work within different groups according to their level of need. Students work on functional skills which will equip them as best possible for their future lives. ASDAN Short Course, ASDAN Personal Development Programme and ASDAN Towards Independence are all courses covered through the 3 year rolling programme: 

  • ASDAN Towards Independence ‘Out in the Community’. 
  • ASDAN Towards Independence ‘Using Transport’.
  • ASDAN Towards Independence Communication. 
  • ASDAN Short Course English. 
  • ASDAN Short Course Roadwise. 
  • ASDAN Short Course Animal Care. 
  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme. 

Within Sixth Form, we focus on the functional use of number and money and try to tailor this to individual needs. We cover Maths through a range of ASDAN courses: 

  • ASDAN Towards Independence – Money Introduction 
  • ASDAN Towards Independence – Money Progression 
  • ASDAN Towards Independence Numeracy 
  • ASDAN Short Course Personal Development Programme 
  • ASDAN Short Course Maths 

Within expressive Arts, we cover creative art, drama and production and some music. We feel this part of our tailored curriculum offers the students an opportunity to creatively express themselves, develop their confidence, work as a team and appreciate the work of others. ASDAN Covered within this area of our curriculum: 

  • ASDAN Towards Independence – Craft Making
  • ASDANTowards Independence –  Performing Arts 
  • ASDAN Towards Independence Printing.
  • ASDAN Towards Independence – Making Pictures. 
  • ASDAN Short Course Expressive Arts. 


In photography, we learn about the origins and the history of famous and successful photographers. We will gain skills in using various cameras to make films and take photographs. We will work individually and in teams, our aim is to have a group exhibition. 

The accreditation to support our learning is: 

  • ASDAN Towards Independence – Photography and Multimedia. 

Work Experience in our Sixth Form provision covers a range of learning opportunities and experiences. These include participation in;  

– Horticulture on the school allotment.

– The John Muir Award at Fellfoot Park.

– The Duke Of Edinburgh Award in the community.

– Work experience at trusted and familiar work place settings in the community or in school work opportunities (e.g Office work, site mantainance, working with younger students)  

– Work related learning through participation in Business Enterprise Projects (making for profit). 


In Leisure, we aim to improve students knowledge of healthy lifestyles, both physically and mentally. We follow programmes of wellbeing, (including Yoga, sensory sessions and public leisure activities). We support students in accessing opportunities which we believe students could access independently or with support in their free time both in the community or at home, now and in their future lives. 

We look towards public sessions when planning activities within the community and this allows students to develop their understanding of the varied leisure opportunities within their local community. e.g Boxing clubs, Swimming, Snooker sessions, Local Gyms, Local Walks, Badminton etc. 

As part of the learning, students develop an understanding of the costing involved when organising and arranging leisure activities for themselves. 

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