Music Therapy

What is it?

Through the medium of musical play, via improvisation, vocal and verbal interactions and the use of psychotherapeutic techniques used by the therapist, a ‘therapeutic, working relationship’ is built up with the student.

Why we do it?

 A client is facilitated by the music therapist on how to

1.  Communicate effectively within music therapy

2.  Express their feelings and come to acknowledge how they are feeling, verbally, through eye gaze or by sound gesture

3   Be prepared to challenge oneself within the therapy

4.  Return to and maintain a calm state after working through any difficult emotions

What impact has it?

During individual music therapy sessions the client will have the opportunity to explore how they are feeling from week to week, which is the central purpose of the intervention.


Music Therapy can often help to counter negative behavior, further positive communication, increase a person’s linguistic abilities and encourages a person to discover more about themselves and communicate their needs.


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