Maths and Personal Finance Curriculum Overview

The world  is full of numbers, shapes, patterns and information.  

Teaching mathematics introduces our students to concepts, skills and problem solving strategies at a level that meets their needs. These are essential in their everyday life and help them make sense of the world around them.  

We want students to be able to understand, use and apply functional maths skills in their lives beyond school: being able to operate appliances in their homes, personal finance and budgeting, using money for shopping, understanding quantities for cooking and self-care, using public transport, understanding time and using timetables, and of course being able to access the increasingly digital world.  

Our approach at Sandside Lodge School is that mathematics is taught in a way that meets individual needs. It  is broad, balanced, practical, functional and skills based. 

Mathematics is taught every day across school and is often linked to class routines and other subjects to see the functional links. 

Every year group experiences going to shops and using money in exchange for items and has weekly food technology lessons.

Mathematics is often delivered through practical and play based learning.   Students explore and develop their understanding of:

  • number, using and applying
  • shapes, space and measure
  • seeing patterns and links
  • functional maths

Learning is kept fun, engaging, interesting, practical, and we aim to offer an irresistible invitation to learn.

As our students progress through the school, they are encouraged to use the mathematics they have learnt  and begin (where appropriate) to apply it to:

  • personal budgeting and finance
  • using timetables for leisure and travel
  • using time, capacity and measure to be able to cook for themselves.

The mathematical skills students gain on their journey throughout Sandside Lodge School supports recognised qualifications, as well as essential life skills.

Some students access Lego Therapy which also supports thinking and communication skills.

Our students develop skills to enable them to live as independently as possible in the modern digital world. 

Students leave Sandside Lodge School with the appropriate qualifications and skills they need to understand the world around them. 

We want them to live with as much independence as they are able which may include employment or further study.  

In short, we aim to equip all our students with the best tools to enjoy their future lives.

Click the 3 year plan link to view the full school plan for the curriculum areas for the next 3 years.
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