Humanities Curriculum Overview

‘Understanding the World’ underpins the early learning stages of Humanities. This gives our students  opportunities to make sense of their physical world and community through provision which encourages exploration and observation of people, places and environments. 

The geography curriculum at Sandside Lodge School aims to ensure that where possible, students:

  • Develop a curiosity and understanding of their locality and the wider world.
  • Develop an interest in, understanding of, and respect for other people and cultures.
  • Develop an awareness of our changing world and how we can contribute positively to society.
  • Learn through engaging and practical lessons.

The study of Geography allows the students to explore, experience and develop an understanding of such areas as their local environment, e.g. their school, local shops, the weather, jobs, water, maps, directions and exploring the differences between the country and the town.

The history curriculum at Sandside Lodge School aims to ensure that where possible, students:

  • learn about significant people, events and different aspects from British and world history.
  • understand aspects of different time periods.
  • apply their literacy skills in their historical writing to effectively communicate their ideas.

During the year, we will celebrate and commemorate important events from world history such as Remembrance Day.

Black Lives Matter

In October and throughout the year, students will celebrate black history. Each year the school will focus on a different theme from black history and link this to Rights Respecting Schools and assemblies.

The study of History provides opportunities for the students to experience and, where appropriate, to develop some understanding of events and people of different times and places. This is achieved through exploring and handling artefacts, visiting museums, stories, books, photos and through practical craft like activities linked to particular topics.

6th Form – We deliver weekly PHSE lessons where human philosophy are discussed and learnt about.  We complete ASDAN Towards independence Citizenship, Popular Culture and Living Here.  In our Arts program we complete ASDAN towards Independence Performing arts and ASDAN Expressive arts short course.

Through learning about where they live and the people in their world, students learn to appreciate differences.

An historical perspective on the world, people and cultures allows students to make links to the past and present.

Lots of these subject areas and skills are a part of other subjects such as Religious Education.

Click the 3 year plan link to view the full school plan for the curriculum areas for the next 3 years.
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