Expressive Arts Curriculum Overview

Expressive Arts is a way for students to tap into their creativity and support learning through exploration, including:

  • Developing safe ways of working through exploring with a range of materials and mediums
  • Stimulating creativity and imagination, personal expression, reflection and an enjoyment of expressive art in many contexts
  • Providing students with skills, concepts and knowledge necessary to express responses to ideas and experiences in a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, tactile and sensory form

Expressive Arts covers a wide range of activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing or attractive to the senses or have some meaning to the person creating it.

It is a way to develop confidence, communication skills, expression, ideas and feelings.

Through purposeful, imaginative and creative activities our students learn to take managed risks, trying out new ideas and new ways of working without fear of failure. Expressive art encourages the exploration of ideas.

Students can express what they know, understand and can do, through different ways.

Sandside Lodge School provides opportunities for students to be aware of their own and others’ work, describing what they think and feel.

At Sandside Lodge School we value the contribution expressive art makes to our quality of life and believe that providing a range of experiences is essential for life beyond school.

Drama at Sandside Lodge School is developed through:

  • using the Experience Room and multi-sensory ;earning experiences
  • expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • creativity through imaginative play and improvisation
  • movement, gesture and interpretation
  • using language to develop listening skills, interaction and speech between others
  • story telling and recreation of familiar tales
  • using sound to create atmosphere

Students have the opportunity to access drama activities through a range of activities, such as:

  • Assemblies – class led & whole school
  • Whole school events – Harvest Service, Christmas Service, Christmas Performance
  • Extra Curricula – dance club, sing and sign etc.
  • Visiting performers – Gripping Yarns, Bamboozle. Through performances story tellers deliver scripted and staged performances, often with core messages that provide the basis for supported follow up activities.
  • External visits
  • Cinema visits
  • Forum Christmas Pantomime
  • Class based – standalone drama lessons and through a range of subject areas.

All classes have a weekly music session. Our music curriculum gives all students to develop a range of music skills whilst learning about the elements of music, including:

  • listening
  • appraising
  • composition
  • performance.
In Stages 1 & 2: students have opportunities to:
  • explore music
  • discover what they like
  • move to music
  • begin to develop a sense of pulse
  • explore sounds that different instruments can make.
  • share enjoyment by having fun alongside their peers without any social demands.
  • perform. 
  • sing simple songs
  • play simple rhythms alongside their peers
In Stages 3, 4 & 5: students have opportunities to:
  •  develop their performance skills when singing or playing untuned percussion.
  • listen to a wider range of music
  • explore changing the elements of pitch, duration and timbre to make descriptive sounds.
  • compose and perform short pieces of music using voice, untuned and tuned percussion. 
  • keep time in a group when playing more complex rhythms
  • look at music such as Brazilian Samba.
  • begin to have a greater understanding of how to  make soundscapes of themes such as Space.
  • study genres such as Rap and European folk 
  • learn how to use technology to create music.
  • compose music for film and TV to go with short video clips.

Expressive Arts is a way to increase confidence, self-esteem and resilience.  

It  addresses themes in subject areas such as Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural (SMSC) and Personal and Social Development, bringing issues to life and making them more accessible.  

It encourages creative responses to other subjects and helps to inspire learning in many different ways across lots of subjects. Making it interactive and fun.




Click the 3 year plan link to view the full school plan for the curriculum areas for the next 3 years.


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