What is Move?

Move was established in school in May 2018 and many students are now on the programme.

We achieved our ‘Move Quality Mark’ in March 2019.

Move is an inspiring and motivating programme which can significantly impact our student’s and their family’s lives. It is a student-centered approach that develops independent functional mobility through a six step programme which teaches the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring.

These are the 6 steps that will be documented in a students individual ‘Move Passport.’

Assessment – Where is the individual now?

Goal Setting – Where does he/she want to get to?

Task Analysis – What skills are needed to get there?

Prompt Measurement – What support is currently required?

Prompt Adjustment – What support will be needed to achieve the goal?

Teaching the Skills – How do you ensure the individual reaches their goal?

“movement is the primary foundation for learning”

-Move ethos

Motivation – movement is motivating when it is fun and has a purpose!
Progress – small steps now make for larger steps overall!
move circuits 2
Opportunity – we never let a movement opportunity pass us by!

How is Move delivered in school?

Grace Pickering is the lead Move co-ordinator in school supported by a team across school.

When a student is identified as a candidate for the programme they will require an initial assessment meeting with all those involved in their life.

The student and family are at the centre of this and they set the goals they want to achieve which should aim to significantly impact their life.

Here are some examples of goals we have currently:

  • To be able to walk independently so that I can play with my friends and little sister.
  • To be able to sit on a standard chair with no support so that I can travel by aeroplane on my family holiday.
  • To be able to walk up stairs holding onto the bannister so that I can take myself to bed.

It is everyone’s responsibility to work towards a student’s Move goal.

Working towards the goal is not seen as an ‘add on’ to a student’s day, it underpins everything they do. They may work towards their goal of sitting on a chair whilst sitting as a group in circle time or practice their standing against a table as they paint.


We also have more focused sessions which work on a student’s specific physical goal. 

Aquatic Therapy in our school thermal pool
Rebound Therapy
Move Circuits

What impact has Move had in school?

Around 15 students in school are currently on the Move programme.

Follow this link to read the report from our Quality Mark, awarded in March 2019. This was awarded in our old building and we are now very lucky to have even more opportunities to develop our student’s functional mobility in our new building

Case Studies


Watch Charlie’s amazing Move journey with us…

For more information…

Move is managed by the charity Enham Trust. If you would like more information please contact Charlotte or Verity at Move@enhamtrust.org.uk Or by phone 01264345822

Move updates 2021…

We have made some fantastic progress this year and worked super hard at home during lockdown at the beginning of the year.

Look at our hard work below!

Katie has worked extremely hard on her goal to walk more independently. Look at her using the hoop and only holding on with one hand. Katie got a new walking frame in May and has worked hard to learn to put her hands down and hold on to keep herself up right and support her walking forwards and back wards. Well done Katie you are a star!

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