Welcome to Hoad class

In our class we enjoy learning together, to become independent and inquisitive young people. We learn to be safe within our communities, online and within the home; acquiring skills to become independent and valuable members of society. 

What we have been doing…

We have finished reading our second book this term! I wonder what we will read next…

Today we completed an animal themed word search as a team and practiced taking turns! 

We finished reading ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl today. We can’t wait to start reading our next book ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. 

Today on our TEAMS played an online quiz to test our animal knowledge. It was great fun!

On our class TEAMS call we created a funny story together called ‘The Big Catch’. We hope it brightens your day!

As we are named after a lighthouse, we have created a video inspired by Sam Smith’s new Christmas song ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’.

Planning our own class Festival in Humanities

Enjoying time with our friends! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What accreditations does Hoad class work towards?
In Maths and English students work towards an accreditation with AQA. Working on ELC Step Up to Maths and English; students gain an academic award they can be proud of and is recognised by examination boards.
What life skills will students learn?
In Hoad class, students will work on acquiring life skills needed to become independent members of society. We will practice personal safety, road safety and SoSafe!.
When do we need our PE kit?
In Hoad we have PE lessons on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please bring in your PE kit to change into at school.
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