Ford Park

Ford Park have been making Lanterns for Ulverston Lantern Procession.

Class Information

Our class is the next class up from the Early Years Classroom.  Many of our pupils are often late Key Stage One and early Key Stage Two.

We follow the full National Curriculum but with a play based approach.  Pupils in our class learn the skills of siting in a circle and attending to whole class teaching.

We love to have fun as we believe that when pupils enjoy school and enjoy their learning that they develop skills and knowledge.  Many of our learning activities are practical, although we do introduce pen and pencil work in our class.

Ford Park is the class where we begin to embed behaviour strategies that pupils can take with them as they move through school to help them focus on work and transition between work and play.

We share the outdoor space with the Early Years class and this outdoor provision is available at all times during our school day for learning both indoors and outdoors.

Ford Park class is also the class where pupils are introduced to other specialist rooms in school such as the art room, food technology and science laboratory.

Frequently asked questions

As we do a lot of our learning outdoors, it is great is pupils can have an all in one waterproof suit, or separate waterproof jacket and trousers and wellies.

Pupils need a PE kit – shorts, t shirt and PE pumps.

Pupils need to bring all personal care items that they will need over a day – nappies, pads, wipes etc.  It is absolutely fine to send these to school in bulk for us to keep in school.

Pupils need a few spare changes of clothes.  We often do messy play and outdoor play, and accidents can happen.

Pupils need to bring at least 2 snacks and a drink into school.

Class Timetable - Autumn 2021

Class Teacher
Nicola Walker  


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