Welcome to Bardsea class

Bardsea class is in the upper part of the school in Stage 4. We work hard and learn about a range of curriculum subjects, including maths, English, PE, food technology, science, humanities, RE, RSHE, music and art. We learn how to respect each other and how to act appropriately around other people both in school and in the community, and we learn how to recognise and regulate our emotions so that we can independently help ourselves to stay calm and focused. Another important focus is our social skills–we learn how to have fun together and chat to each other and how we can build and maintain friendships, as this is an important skill to have.

Bardsea class debuts the world premiere of Bardsea Blues.

What we have been up to recently:

Camping in the classroom

Making savory pasta in food technology

Badminton and cricket

Fractions and step counting

Fun in food technology

Common Questions


Bardsea have PE on Mondays and Thursdays.

Bardsea has Forest School on a Wednesday morning.

You should bring a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or a cereal bar. No chocolate please.

Class teacher

Emma Maskell-Ludlow

Class staff

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