School Development Plan

  • Begin to deliver new curriculum offer in line with Intent, Impact and Implementation
  • Introduce Read, Write, Inc. across the school
  • To create a portfolio to support the MOVE Centre of Excellence Award
  • Establish Sandside Autism Support provision across Cumbria
  • To achieve NAS advance status
  • Develop assessment procedures using SOLAR or accredited qualifications to track progress
  • Develop an effective system to track progress of individual students using the new curriculum (implementation and impact)
  • Monitor the impact of the curriculum from EYFS to Post-16


  • Support students back to school after Covid-19 restrictions
  • Develop use of SOLAR for behaviour (from CPOMS)
  • Use positive behaviour plans to inform personal development and support return of students
  • Maintain safe regulation activities within bubbles
  • Embed consistency across the school relating to routines and support
  • Support attendance particularly related to Covid-19 issues
  • Set up remote learning where appropriate for classes
  • Develop understanding of keeping safe, including living in a Covid-19 world
  • Deliver and assess the Recovery Curriculum (linked to Thrive)
  • Develop the newly trained Thrive Approach Practitioners across school
  • Embed personalised approaches to communication in line with the schools total communication ethos
  • Maintain proactive personalised approaches to learning in line with students’ needs
  • Further develop effective use of the school environment
  • Manage all Covid-19 related risks and communicate guidance and changes as they arise
  • Develop subject leaders through coaching and mentoring related to the new curriculum
  • Monitor Staff well-being through agreed systems especially Covid-19 issues)
  • Support new assessment lead and develop robust student progress meetings
  • CPD offer to staff to improve knowledge and skills across the school
  • Support staff to use the new website effectively

Our school logo (new in 2019) has the Thrive Approach colours showing our commitment to Emotional Development and Well-Being.

Our School Development Plan

This helps us plan out the things that we feel are important to focus on to make Sandside Lodge School even better. We look at the four areas (see above) and decide what we will focus on for each one over the school year and beyond.

This helps keep us clear on our priorities, we always have the students best interests at the heart of our School Development Plan. 

We are always looking for ways to create the best possible environment and enhance staff skills and knowledge to make sure that all our students thrive and flourish.


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