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"X is a different child since moving to Sandside. X is very happy and making good progress."

"X's report is very encouraging His new class is really suited to him. I am so pleased with his progress. "

From our ASC provision.

"Very good communication between home & school... [The teacher] offers a very individual approach to each child’s learning & is very intuitive."

"Thank you to all the hard-working staff who help to nurture X in his education. We really appreciate everything you do."

"..we feel [Sandside] is a brilliant school"

"We are delighted with X progress. Lovely reading through each area of X's learning and seeing what she has been up to. A big thank you to all the staff."

"A lovely report of X to read. We are so glad that she is working hard and enjoying life at Sandside. Thank you everyone."

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