Key Areas of Learning

Why have our own curriculum?

The teaching and learning staff team have worked together to build motivational and relevant themes which are focussed on the key areas of learning for our pupils:

• Communication

• Gross motor skills

• Fine motor skills,

• Personal and social development, and

• Thinking skills.

There are many reasons, including the belief that the National Curriculum did not meet the needs of our pupils well and enable them to learn and make good progress and that to make it relevant meant significant degrees of modification and adaptation. This could have led to a curriculum called the National Curriculum but which maintained little resemblance to that published by the DfE. Read more here: Introduction and Rationale


We have developed our own thematic curriculum which provides the content of lessons in each academic year.

Rationale for the Curriculum
Outcomes and Experiences

Enrichment and Charity Days

Further details are available if you wish to contact the school.

Pupils Interests

Each termly theme is based on our pupils’ interests, the local environment access we have to support our pupils learning both in school and in the community, and extending their experiences beyond the local area.

Personalised Learning

Termly Themes

Our thematic curriculum has 3 themes – one for each term over 3 years.


The termly theme is differentiated to meet the three main approaches we offer to support our pupil’s learning and access to the curriculum:


• Experiential learning

• Structured learning

• Independent learning.

Sandside Lodge school provides a learning journey which is unique to each child or young person, and one which is based on learner ownership. It is practical, experiential and fun.

Personalisation is a culture and ethos we value at Sandside Lodge School. It is not a stand-alone initiative or a conveyor belt but it is a system where the learner is at the heart of everything we do.

"[Personalised Learning] means engaging pupils in partnership with teachers and support staff to deliver a tailor-made service for students, so that they can achieve the highest possible standards"

David Hopkins Head of DfES Standards and Effectiveness Unit

What We Study

You can see more of what we offer on our Study Opportunities page.

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