Our students love music.


We use marker music at the beginning of every lesson so that students associate what they are doing with a song.


We are also very aware of the connection between emotional states and music. Our students benefit from an environment in which they can use music to initiate interaction as well as to calm or stimulate.


We have recently benefited from the help of a Music Specialist, Meody, who had been able to develop our pupils understanding and appreciation.

Music therapy is a person centred therapy, which predominantly uses improvised music as a means for communication. Some familiar music may be used as a supportive or reflective tool but no musical ability is needed to partake in or benefit from Music Therapy.

Through the gradual introduction of accessible instruments and the voice, a working therapeutic relationship can be established. The therapist uses their skill to reflect and contain the emotional content of the music/sounds presented by a young person and over a course of sessions, works towards enabling a young person to achieve their personal goals or therapeutic aims.


Therapeutic aims are agreed by the therapist, the referrer and where possible the client to determine their needs.


These might include aims such as:


  • Building a positive relationship.
  • Attaining better self-esteem.
  • Enhancing and furthering linguistic communication (and/or other systems) via singing
  • Developing a positive outlook.
  • Accessing and expressing personal emotions.
  • Learning to relax
  • Maintaining positive behaviour
  • Improving interpersonal and communicative skills.


Through consistent individual sessions, Music Therapy can enhance the day to day living of young lives by helping them to be more self-aware, self-assured and independent.

Mrs Donna Stretton

Sandside Lodge School

Sandside Road


LA12 9EF

Tel: 01229 588825

Email: admin@sandside.org.uk

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