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Sandside Lodge School

Sandside Lodge is a special school catering for pupils aged between two and nineteen who have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan.

All our pupils have learning difficulties and many have additional and complex needs including such as autism, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School Level 2. Pupils are taught that they have a role, a place and a voice in all things they do.


We are a Move school!


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We've Won!

Our new building has won first prize at the National Constructing Excellence Awards for 2019.
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Here is the message from Dan Barton, Assistant Director – Education & Skills

 "I write in relation to the ongoing situation caused by the spread of Covid-19. As you know, our Special Schools have worked very hard since the beginning of the outbreak to remain open. Doing so has enabled families to continue to rely on the support and quality education which our schools provide. However, there is an added vulnerability of the cohort of young people attending Special Schools, as you know. Furthermore, the impact on the ability of those schools to stay open safely given the increasing numbers of teachers now safe-isolating means that we must now take a proactive decision to close.

"We have decided to recommend, therefore, that all Cumbrian Special Schools plan to close at the end of the day tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March. This will give families time to plan for the school closure, at the same time as taking the necessary and responsibly steps to close.

"I will offer my thanks for your patience and understanding..."

Message from our Headteacher, Donna Stretton:

"There are no known cases at the school at present, however we have growing numbers of students and staff self-isolating either as a precaution or showing symptoms. Due to the vulnerability of our students we feel closing the school is the right thing to do at this time.

"We will keep you fully informed of when we are likely to reopen for students via parentmail or letters or on this website.

"As ever our thoughts are with all of our school community at this difficult time."

Support and Help for All

Support and Guidance

The school is supported by

- a physiotherapist

- speech therapist

- a school nurse.

- an occupational therapist and

- social care teams as required

"For many parents the decision to move their child to Sandside Lodge, while one of the hardest, has in hindsight been one of their best."


"From their very first days at Sandside Lodge students 'blossom'"


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