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Sandside Lodge School

Sandside Lodge is a special school catering for pupils aged between two and nineteen who have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan.

All our pupils have learning difficulties and many have additional and complex needs including such as autism, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School Level 2.

To best suit the needs of our students we have developed our own Thematic Curriculum. Read all about it here.

"For many parents the decision to move their child to Sandside Lodge, while one of the hardest, has in hindsight been one of their best."


"From their very first days at Sandside Lodge students 'blossom'"

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Ofsted Visit

Ofsted were in school on Tuesday 12th September 2017.


They were impressed!


Click here to find out more about what the had to say.

Support and Help for All

Support and Guidance

The school is supported by

- a physiotherapist

- speech therapist

- a school nurse.

- an occupational therapist and

- social care teams as required

Key influences in the school are promoting pupils independence and learning in the community. Teaching and learning takes place both in the school building and in the local community with the pupils being taught that they have a role, a place and a voice in all things they do.


Mrs Donna Stretton

Sandside Lodge School

Sandside Road


LA12 9EF

Tel: 01229 588825

Email: admin@sandside.org.uk

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