Welcome to Sandside Lodge School Sandside Lodge is a special school catering for pupils aged between two and nineteen who have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan. All our pupils have learning difficulties and many have additional and complex needs including such as autism, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Support and Guidance

The school is supported by

- a physiotherapist

- speech therapist

- a school nurse.

- an occupational therapist and

- social care teams as required


Our school governors meet at least five times a year. We have four parent governors, as well as governors appointed by the county council and representatives from the voluntary sector, business and the school staff.


Driving forces in the school are promoting pupils independence and learning in the community. Teaching and learning takes place both in the school building and in the local community with the pupils being taught that they have a role, a place and a voice in all things they do.

"Students trust the adults and they become confident in trying new experiences."


"Students’ behaviour is outstanding."


"Teachers take great care to plan for the individual needs of students"

Our Local Offer

Four aspects of our core provision:

  • Communication
  • Independence
  • Thinking skills
  • Motor Skills

There are three distinct populations in the school;


pupils who start school with us generally have higher and more complex needs.


Some of whom join us at year 7.

Sixth Form

Even more students join us at the age of 16 and currently about a third of the school is in the 6th Form.

Mrs Susan Gill

Sandsidle Lodge School

Sandside Road


LA12 9EF


Tel: 01229 588825


Email: admin@sandside.org.uk